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Published In: News Created Date: 2014-08-12

Things are moving on and up!

Well, we promised we would keep you updated and we meant it.  We have new news!!

Firstly, we are in the process of obtaining our alcohol license meaning that we can start putting our other fantastic packages on the site.  These will range from gift parcels to hampers, chocolates to the bubbly Cristal Champagne and many more.

We are so excited about showing you our hampers.  They will be luxurious without having to re-mortgage your house to buy one and we have many in the pipeline.  

A few examples are mummy-to-be, which will include all the necessities to let that special lady know that she is the most beautiful person to you.  We also have the Thank You hamper, including posh chocolates, wine or Champagne and many other items.

We will also be able to offer a 'Make your Own' where you can choose the items you would like to see in it.  These will be released in time for that extra special Christmas gift!

We want to also invite you to come and see us!  On Thursday 24th August between 2.30pm - 9.30pm we are going to be showcasing some of our products at The Mind Body Energy Event at Orsett Hall, on Prince Charles Avenue in Orsett.  This fun event is for children and adults as there are Kids Fun Activities and a large craft fair.  If you are near, pop in and say hello!

As an extra note, we have now introduced our Folded Book Art.  This is a unique way of presenting a gift to somebody.  It is very popular in America and Australia so we are hoping the trend will follow here, have a look and see what you think!

Until next time, thank you for your support and happy browsing!